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Business Meeting

Intercultural Training

Create your personalized program!

In today's business world, intercultural competence and dealing with diversity is increasingly important. People have different values, beliefs and behaviors, and communication on a global scale is crucial. One of our many sources is the book "Different Cultures, Different Customs" written by our Managing Director, Sven Dinklage. Come develop your intercultural sensitivity!

Business Meeting

Leadership Training based on Strengths

Become the best version of yourself!

With customized solutions, we will develop the skills of your organization's leaders, always based on each individual's talents and strengths. We use the Clifton/Gallup Strengths Finder assessment to maximize the use of your team's talents to increase the organization's level of trust, collaboration, and engagement.

Business Meeting

Executive Coaching

Create your personalized program!

With ICF-International Coaching Federation credentials and respecting its code of ethics and competencies, we will accompany your professionals to improve skills and behaviors, achieve better results and/or adapt better to new realities and/or cultures.


Lean Management and Productivity Training

For your team and / or company!

With long experience in basic Lean principles and processes, methods and tools in productive and administrative environments, we improve your operational results by reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving quality, among others.

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